Site logistics

Functional construction site logistics ensures that the work phases stay on schedule and cost-effective. The construction site does not get congested and order is maintained when the material flows are carefully planned and directed to the construction site in a timely manner to the right place.

We offer e.g. the following site logistics services

  • Comprehensive management of material flows for pace production
  • Site logistics planning
  • Digital logistics management systems
  • Intermediate storage
  • Reception and hauling of loads
  • Loading and Moving Equipment
  • Work management
  • Traffic control
  • Gatekeepers
  • Subordinates
  • Machine operators
  • Waste management

Pace production

Competence in paced production is increasingly required of builders, which means that the importance of material flow management and construction site logistics is emphasized.

We at LTQ-Rakennus Oy have noticed that a logistics management system alone is not enough to implement cost-effective pace production, but it also requires a functioning centralized logistics chain, its comprehensive management and flexible use of resources. The key is well-planned logistics and seamless communication.

In order to help our customer succeed in cost-effective paced production, we make sure that resources, material deliveries, intermediate storage and hauling are carefully planned so that the materials are in the right installation location at the right time, so that our customer can focus on the construction itself. We have extensive experience in demanding construction site logistics, even implementing at the pace of a day.

Intermediate storage

LTQ-Rakennus Oy offers cost-effective interim storage solutions that are always tailored to the customer’s needs and wishes. Interim storage is an excellent solution, especially when the site area is cramped and logistically challenging.

By using our intermediate storage services, you can order all the materials on the construction site in good time, in large batches, directly to the warehouse, where the materials can be bundled according to your wishes into smaller batches for delivery to the construction site, for example into floor-, block- or room-specific packages. We arrange the delivery as punctual delivery to the construction site with equipment that can be used to deliver it to the demolition site or directly to the installation point.

Our warehouses are guarded and storage conditions are monitored.

Why choose LTQ as a site logistics partner?

Our services cover the logistics management of the entire construction site, from planning to hauling to the installation site. We make construction site logistics easy and cost-effective for the customer. The customer does not have to use expensive construction time to move materials, but we take care of it all from start to finish. Our comprehensive services guarantee that our resources are always cost-effectively available to the customer for various tasks on the construction site. Our logistics service can be combined with our other services.

Logistics control system RaksaInfo®

To support the logistics of construction projects, we have developed our own ERP system RaksaInfo®. With an electronic resource planning system, the logistics of construction projects and the management of logistics schedules become much easier. RaksaInfo® is part of our logistics and construction site services.

The digital control system developed by LTQ manages the registration of electronic work orders. All site operators can calendar, book and monitor the real-time situation of logistics deliveries. RaksaInfo® is part of our other services and is designed for use by the main contractor and all subcontractors working on the site.