We use our own equipment to support our operations.

In our warehouse in Herttoniemi, you can find a wide selection of different equipment needed on construction sites. In particular, we have invested in dust control equipment, because the standard target for the cleanliness class of the sites is more and more often P1.

We handle the transportation of the equipment cost-effectively, with a quick response time and with our own fleet of vehicles.

The maintenance and upkeep of the equipment is carried out by our own trained personnel, which is why the equipment is in very good condition and we are able to replace any broken equipment in a quick schedule.

At construction sites, our devices work as planned because they are maintained properly.

The wide range of equipment includes e.g.

  • Vacuum cleaners and air cleaners
  • Compartmentalization systems
  • Drying fans
  • Sweeping and Combined machines
  • Washers
  • Condenser dryers
  • Industrial vacuums, central vacuums and container vacuums
  • Water vacuum cleaners
  • Situational control equipment
  • Cordless and hand tools
  • Waste containers
  • Transport wagons and equipment