About us

LTQ-Rakennus Oy was founded in 2019 but its’ history goes back to 2004. Before partial division from LTQ-Partners Oy we have been producing the logistics and construction site services to our clients in Helsinki and other Uusimaa area from 2004.

Our goal is to be a pioneer in the construction site logistics and services. We offer high-quality services that are tailored to our clients’ needs. Our business is based on the wellbeing of our personnel and the professional pride they take in their work.


  • We inspire our people to grow
  • We work with vision
  • We build sustainable partnerships

Our way of working

  • We provide fast and flexible service.
  • We offer an extensive and diverse range of services both in Helsinki and elsewhere in the capital city region. Our clients benefit from our high level of quality assurance and successfully implemented services.
  • We can also draw on our partner network, through which we can offer a broad range of expertise and useful resources.
  • We specialise in logistics and dust management solutions that generate added value for our clients in addition to our core product.
  • Occupational safety is one of the fundamental aspects of our services. We invest in induction and training for our personnel and in everyday management that enables us to maintain a permanent team of professionals who will ensure both client safety and customer satisfaction.
  • In 2011, LTQ-Partners was the fifth company in Finland to be awarded the Clean Card certificate, and in 2012 our constructions site services were awarded the Green Card certificate.
  • LTQ-Partners underwent an HSEQ assessment in 2017. HSEQ is a client-centric assessment of multiple service providers working at the same site.
  • In our operating processes, we have adopted the environmental perspectives required by both Green Office and LEED construction.
  • We are continually developing our operations with the aid of, among other things, internal quality assurance.
  • Inspecta Oy regularly audits our service processes to ensure that we both maintain and further improve our already high-quality standards.

Contact for us

We will be happy to answer your questions regarding our service.