Other services

We provide a wide range of services to construction sites throughout the entire life cycle of the construction site, from the establishment of the construction site to handover.

LTQ-Rakennus rakentaa terveellisiä ja turvallisia toimintaympäristöjä

We offer e.g. the following services:

  • Worksite environment monitoring services (Electronic monitoring system and service)
  • Site establishment services
  • Site electrification and lighting
  • TR and MVR measurements
  • Carpentry and auxiliary work
  • Circular economy services (reuse of material)
  • Recycling services (waste management solutions, increasing the recycling rate)
  • Special cleanings (cleaning of superstructures, disinfection, basic washing)
  • Repair of defect and timber lists during the finishing phase
  • Finishing work and warranty work

Environment monitoring services

Monitoring the conditions and reacting to deviations is important on construction sites in order to achieve the planned safe and healthy final result cost-effectively and on schedule. This is especially emphasized in environmentally certified sites. Circumstance services help to solve e.g. the following things at the site:

  1. Drying times – Designed drying conditions.
  2. Energy saving – Prevention of overheating when energy costs rise.
  3. Indoor air quality – Safer working conditions, quartz dust.
  4. Quality – Reporting on conditions throughout the project’s life cycle.

As part of our service package, we offer site services on a “turnkey” basis. Our condition services include, according to the customer’s wishes, technical monitoring and reporting services, which measure, for example, the humidity, temperature, and the amount of dust particles at the construction site.

Based on the monitoring, we implement the necessary concrete measures to optimize the conditions, drying and energy consumption of the equipment.