Warranty and maintenance

We have extensive experience in carrying out annual renovation and finishing works for residential and commercial properties. Additionally, we provide repair construction services for housing cooperatives and property owners. We take care of the entire process and place special emphasis on communication, customer service, and skilled personnel.

We operate with all types of contract formats and tailor our services according to your preferences. We take care of the entire process and place special emphasis on communication, customer service, and skilled personnel. Our network of partners is extensive, and punctuality is a given for us.

Warranty and finishing works

We offer services to construction companies for the final finishing works on construction sites, as well as for post-project marketing, whether it involves annual warranty repairs or possibly 10-year liability investigations. Our goal is to free up our partners’ resources and provide added value with excellent service at the customer interface. Our staff has extensive experience, particularly in warranty and liability matters in residential construction. Real estate transaction laws, general terms and conditions, and quality requirements for new housing are everyday matters for us.

Here’s an example of our service package:

  • Agree on the scope of the desired service together.
  • Organize and participate in meetings and inspections.
  • Actively inform responsible parties (e.g., the company, shareholders, client).
  • Perform warranty work and coordinate repairs by responsible parties.
  • Order third-party expert opinions if necessary.
  • Document and electronically approve the work done.
  • Request feedback upon completion of the project.

Renovation Contracting


We specialize in lifecycle renovations and minor refurbishments for properties and housing cooperatives in the Greater Helsinki area. These include projects such as pipeline renovations, energy renovations, comfort renovations, relocation renovations, and yard and drainage renovations.


We value old buildings and traditional construction methods. We have a deep understanding of building structures, potential problems typical of different eras, and the correct repair methods for them.

In extensive renovation projects, we recommend that housing cooperatives also consider the possibilities for additional construction.


Our goal is to be your trusted partner, providing all the renovation services your property needs, including additional construction, from a single source. We aim to deliver quality, cost-effective, and hassle-free solutions.