Construction cleaning

Construction site cleaning and dust control

We have been providing construction site services since 2004 under the name of LTQ-Partners Oy. Construction site cleaning is important part of a functional and safe construction site.

P1-standard cleaning for construction sites has been part of our core competence ever since our company was established. Our professional and knowledgeable personnel have handled cleanliness and tidiness, general order and standard cleaning on construction sites. P1 standard dust control starts from planning the process and resources for the needs of the construction or renovation project. Tracking the amount of resources and communicating in real-time with the client and contractors is important for successful dust management at P1 standard.

Many of our building cleaners have received a great deal of praise for site cleanliness during construction projects.

We use our own dust control equipment and, over the years, have developed new dust control solutions to meet the diverse needs of different construction projects.


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